only 11 days left!  still finding this somewhat easy, being able to say “I’ll just have it next month if I still want it” has made not eating off-plan foods MUCH easier.  super easy, in fact.  the only off plan thing I’ve accidentally consumed was a lick of spaghetti sauce, after which I checked the label and found stupid sugar in it, way down on the ingredients but still.  followed up by rage since I’d just added 1.5 lbs of really awesome free run ground turkey to it.  ARGH!  I was so sure it didn’t have sugar, but I also had bought it pre-whole30 so I probably was just thinking that since it was so down on the ingredients list, NBD for non-whole30 use.  duh.  so now it’s in my freezer.

anyway, yay!  I’ve been feeling mostly good, but I’m EXHAUSTED this week.  like, really, dopey, can’t stay awake kind of tired.  it sucks.  either the birch and alder trees are doing their allergen spewing thing, or I’m fighting something off.  again.  oh well, whatever.  tis the season, right?


well…I guess you can say I’m consistent!  I blog daily for the first week and then just taper off.  terrible!

so, almost at the halfway mark, and still going just fine.  this time around, I’m cheating nightly IN MY DREAMS.  I am having recurring dreams of cheating the shit out of my whole30, and my reaction once I realize what I’m eating (the other night it was gingerbread dough, which I don’t even like in its uncooked state) varies from “wow, that was awesome” to “BUT I’M ON THE WHOLE30 AND NOW I’LL HAVE TO RESTART!!!” to “I’ll just get back on it tomorrow!”  so strange.  my brain is weird.

also falling under the “my brain is weird” umbrella, I’m brutally craving kettle corn.  from out of nowhere.  holy crap.

so (outside of the kettle corn craving from hell), I’m finding this to be pretty easy again.  I only wish it were cheaper.  :)


my stomach is accepting more vegetables.  hooray!  on the minus side, I seem to have picked up a plague of some sort.  just awesome!  sore throat, fever, sore bones.  maybe I’m cleansing.  ;)

I have some food pics to post, but not tonight.  I’m getting back to the I need a nap phase.


I’d made a solemn promise to myself to not eat veggies with breakfast, and of course I broke it and thought “maybe different veg will be ok”.  WRONG.  cue one more day of stomach upset.  day 5 - no veggies at breakfast.  stupid stomach needs to get on board.

everything was fine foodwise, and then I went to bed to dream about eating cookie dough and remembering I was on the whole30 after swallowing a bunch of it.  better to cheat in dreams than in reality, I suppose.  the night before, I’d dreamed about going to my favourite mexican place with my sister (also on whole30), and eating queso fundido, and corn (which they don’t actually serve)!  26 more days.


…in the bag.  woo hoo!  27 more days to go…

I’ve spent so much on groceries over the past few days that I’m actually almost physically uncomfortable about it.  but I have great food.  but no coconut manna.  le sigh.  whole30 can be expensive, especially when you forget that it can be expensive.

I’m marginally less tired, the heartburn is slightly less bad, and that’s about all I have to say about that.  my stomach isn’t ultra happy and I’m still not sure why.  either apples, or vegetables with breakfast are the culprit.  tomorrow: no veg with breakfast.  :(


…kinda sucked.  I had fairly raging heartburn almost all day.  food choices were good, I kept fruit consumption down because I’ve been way too into sugar these days, but other than that, good.  went to yoga - also good.

the bad bits: heartburn and major acid reflux.  all.  damn.  day.   this seems to happen when I have vegetables for breakfast.  I’ll still try to have some tomorrow and see what happens.  oh, and I’m TIRED.  way ahead of schedule, I just need a nap.  real bad.  this has been me all day:

considering that I spent more than a few nights over the past month (ok, longer) feeling like THIS:

…I guess I can’t really complain.  :)


welp, here we go again…whole30 #4, coming right up.  I may as well do it in january with the rest of the whole30-ing world, right?  but do I start it on the first like everyone else?  nope…the second.

why the second?  well…I’m not prepared.  not mentally, that’s good, but I’m not actually *prepared* in the manner of supplies.  I need to shop and make ghee and such.  

does that sound like a lot of bullshit?  well…yes.  but there it is.

why soft launch?  well…breakfast was a great whole30 compatible plate of bacon, egg, and tomato.  chased with a mug of hot chocolate.  so today’s food will be largely W30, but the in betweens are whatever.  on the plus side, I’m tired of chocolates and baked goods.  on the minus side, I have white potatoes to consume.

how far off the wagon have I fallen?  quite.  but I learned from it.  probably re-learned.  likely will have to re-re-learn again sometime, but whatever.  wheat = joint and ligament pain, heartburn.  other grains = annoying stomach issues.  dairy (gulp) = bloating and, to a degree, anxiety.  all of these things together with a hefty dose of sugar = depression.  though I blame getting super ultra lazy with my meditation practice for a large part of that too.

anyway…blah blah blah.  tomorrow, day one.  let’s do this.

- Vicki

ps. I also am going to meditate daily.  so I say now.  but seriously!

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oh god, I die.  kids.  HAHAHAHA!

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ALL IN CAPS TO SHOW HOW STOKED I AM TO BE HALFWAY DONE!  not that it’s onerous or brutal, because it isn’t.  still feeling pretty sail-ish.  making me SEE, again, how much I like sugar when it comes down to it.  best that I’m not eating that stuff.  hopefully I won’t want any of it when I’m done.

for now, my strategy to avoid temptation is something like this:


back at work tomorrow, which of course gets a little challenging with foods (since I’m a cook-it-at-home whole30 eater), or maybe it’s better to say that it gets challenging with LAZINESS.  I’m employing one of my fave strategies tonight: meat in the slow cooker overnight, ready for breakfast AND lunch tomorrow.  or at least lunch.  yay.

15 more days and I can have a damn almond milk latte.  and maybe buy some pants.  I’m embarrassingly excited about it.